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Welcome to the Shark page.

" The largest predator of the sea "

comment: Great white sharks are massive , yet it is hard to believe that they are so agile and nimble!

sharkmouth.JPG (47342 bytes)click to enlarge  click to enlarge

comment: Fisherman have claimed that they have spotted sharks that are in excess of 36 feet in length with a weight of over 10,000 pounds. True or not we do not know?

Characteristics of the great white:

Belongs to the family Lamnidae. (It is classified as Carcharodon carcharias)
The shark has a conical instead of a flattened snout.
It has black eyes due to its ability to mix in with its surroundings.
The body is either blue or brown-gray with a white underside.
It has sophisticated sensory systems that detect movement, sound, and electrical fields. Boats cause electrical fields this might be attributed to a shark approaching a boat to investigate.
are extremely agile and fast.
food for the shark would include seals, dolphins, chunks of whales, fish, other sharks, and ships garbage. (humans are not included on the sharks menu so don't worry)
They breed late in their life
largest shark documented was 19.5 feet in length and a weight approaching 8,000 pounds. On average they can grow to a average length of over 14 feet long.
Baby sharks are born at a size of 5 feet long and a weight of 60 pounds.


Sharks! Why are we so afraid of them?

This would probably be attributed to movies such as Jaws. In the real world great white sharks are not villains of the water but are truly impressive evolutionary creatures.

Other shark facts:

Statistics show that in Australia alone 40-45 great whites are killed every year. (this is attributed to long lines, nets, and illegal fishing)
Sharks are illegally hunted for a variety of useless purposes. In some Asian regions shark fins, cartilage, teeth, and other parts are used for meaningless health potions, sexual potency helpers, and other worthless remedies for longevity.
Sharks are usually caught, then their fins are cut off and finally the shark is thrown back into the water to die.
Great white sharks are endangered. Chances of extinction is very great.
scientists estimate that populations of some species of sharks has dropped by over 80 percent.
They are the largest predatory fish in the world, they have few natural enemies.
Shark attack's on humans are usually by accident (the shark misreads you for a seal or other creature)
More then four out of five victims survive a shark attack.

This map indicates the territory of the great white shark:

sharkmaplarge.JPG (56101 bytes)click to enlarge

As you can see the whites are concentrated on the coast of South Africa and Southern Australia. Sharks occasionally are found off of the coast of California, Cape Cod, and Japan.

Comment: Enjoying these huge creatures of the sea is like being in heaven. That's why you should try a diving tour in South Africa or Australia. If you have the courage, try diving down in a cage and viewing a Great white for yourself. I guarantee it will be an experience of a lifetime.

sharkperson.JPG (53686 bytes)click to enlarge  sharkcage.JPG (18695 bytes)click to enlarge

All photographs presented are taken from the National Geographic( this page has no affiliation with National Geographic)

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